VAWT tester, 3

So, it is time to say I’m a @##$ ! An entire week thinking of these strange curves for a permanent magnet generator, that weird knee for the voltage vs current curve…

power vs voltage - first test…then yesterday, during some more tests, I touched the rectifier and…“ok, it’s hot, uhm…why?”

A closer look and…what the fuck, the regulator! that fucking L7812C regulator I didn’t think about!

IMG_20151009_233840Ok, take a look to the curves: the regulator…regulates! and it regulates very good, as expected! No electron go over 12V! In case…just heat!

Probably thi regulator is intended to protect the load, so that no more than 12V will go out and the turbine will be able to power 12V users, such as a small camping lamp.

But in order to test the generator it is absolutely useless, so I’ll make another one rectifier and go on testing.

The right way, this time!

Turbina in kit – DIY turbine – 2

Ci siamo quasi, oggi comincia l’assemblaggio dei pezzi che abbiamo fatto tagliare a laser con spesa assolutamente contenuta da questa realtà molto interessante: Lasermio.


VentolONe 4.0 – components


Components arrived yesterday! We are ready to make our first DIY “serious” turbine!

All these parts were laser cutted by Lasermio, a really interesting and cheap way for makers to realize their projects!

Another rendering of VentolONE 4.0

Another rendering of VentolONE 4.0