Anemometer and sensors logging, 1

I’m starting here a few articles about our experiences in datalogging wind data and generic sensor data.
Since the VentolONE team origins, before everythings started, I knew the first thing you need to know concerning wind turbines is how much wind is available, and which kind: constant, gusts, etc.

In early days in 2006 I didn’t know so much about microcontrollers: I had just a few knowledge in electronics coming from my master degree in mechanical engineering. Not so much, really.

After some tries with some friends of mine I understood I had to build by myself a datalogging system, the way I wanted it to be:

  • open-source (code)
  • open-hardware (where possible)
  • simple, everyone could build it
  • reliable, not a funny joke
  • able to send data from wherever to wherever
  • customizable

Now I can say: here we are!

As far as you know, VentolONE team had some trouble with its start-up, founded and closed in one year, without producing nothing more than disappointment and quarrels.
Well, during that period I did something, keeping on my interest in datalogging data from Africa.
Following the attemps with Arduino Yun (may 2014) I tried new ways, cheaper and promising.

Now it is time to write it down where I finally came!

EmonCMS and datalogging

(to be continued…)


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